11 Tips for having the best flight ever

Is it crazy to say that I almost enjoy flying? I never thought I would say that. Or that I would ever fly alone. But I do now. A few years ago I would never believe I could fly without having any jitters at all. I used to be pretty scared of flying and everything about that would stress me out. Now I don’t have that kind of problems at all. I still feel a bit dizzy when the plane turns to one side but besides that I’d say I became a pretty good flyer. And did you know that travelling can be actually healthy for you?

Being organized and knowing what to expect may contribute to you having the best flight ever. In this post I want to walk you through some of my tips on having a good experience when flying.

tips for having the best flight experience

Before you go:

  • Check the TSA list: Check what you are allowed to bring in your cabin luggage. Everything else should go in your check-in luggage. You don’t want to be held up at the airport for bringing something you are not allowed to.


  • Pack smart: Also, a good tip is to place your passport, ID, money, and anything else you might need before or during your flight on top in your luggage or in a separate pocket.


  • Have your ticket on your phone: Even if you have printed ticket it’s best if you also have it saved in your phone. This way, if you somehow lose your ticket you’ll just have to reprint it before your flight. I usually only have the digital ticket only on my phone. My phone is one of the things I usually never forget to take with me so it’s the best place to keep it. Just don’t forget to bring your charger


  • Prepare for security check: If you don’t want to sped your time at the security, all you need to do is to think before you get dressed. Opt for lightweight shoes, sport shoes. These are not only comfortable but you usually don’t have to take them off when getting through security. Wear some pants that fit you without a belt. Place your watch and jewelry directly in your luggage and put them on only after you pass security. Place your electronic devices on top of your luggage so you’ll have easy access to them.


  • Carry on essentials: Don’t forget to also pack things you might need during your flight. I usually like to pack something for entertainment like a book or my kindle. Download some apps beforehand. I love the coloring book ones. Or you can watch a movie on your laptop. Don’t forget your headphones. I also like to pack my own snacks. If you’ll have a long journey consider bringing some ear plugs, a travel pillow, a scarf you can cover up with, a lip balm, sanitary wipes and some hand cream.


At the airport:

  • Make sure you get there on time: Especially if it’s a big airport or one you have never been before. It’s not that hard to get lost in an airport. Also, I find it pretty embarrassing to skip the line just because you came to late and you might loose your flight (guilty – and I’ll never do that again).


  • Look for your gate: The first thing you need to do after going through security is to find your gate so you’ll know where you’ll need to go when boarding begins


  • Duty free shopping: Another benefit of arriving early is that you can spend your time (and money) at the duty free shop – yey


  • Don’t line up only because everyone else is: You’ll surely seen this before. People lining up even though the boarding hasn’t started yet. You don’t want to stay in line especially if you are carrying a heavy bag. Just sit and wait. Your seat number is written on your ticket and no one else will/should take it. So no need to hurry.


On the plain

  • Don’t get up right after the plane lands: I often hear the sound of the seatbelts opening up right when the wheels of the airplane touch the ground. A few second after that people get up and move into the aisle. But no one is getting out until the doors are open. So just stay seated a little while longer. Everybody will be more comfortable this way. And also, don’t clap. Please let me know if this is only happening in my country: people clap when the plane lands. it’s like they never believed we could make it. “it’s a miracle, we landed” . If you are that excited just hold that clap in until you get home. Celebrate yet another miraculous landing among your family members. Lol


  • Don’t forget you are not alone: Don’t do things that would bother you if someone else did on a flight, like watching your tablet with no headphones. Don’t try out all the perfumes at the duty free and don’t side eye the mom with a crying baby. She’s probably not having a good time either.


I hope my tips are helpful and that you’ll looking forward to your next plane journey.



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