Airbnb Guide – How to have the best Airbnb experience

If you’ve read some of my posts you already know how much I love Airbnb. I mostly prefer renting an Airbnb apartment over staying at a hotel because of the sense of freedom it gives me. I like the feeling of “kind of lost” but also “living like a local” I get. A lost local, I guess… I can do my own thing, cook my own favorite food and not feel as trappeHow to use Airbnb + my tipd as I’d usually do while staying in a hotel room.

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I have to say, I’ve only had good and great experiences when using Airbnb. I know this may not be the case for everybody, so I chose to write these posts to give you more information on the ways you can have a great experience with Airbnb too, especially as a newbie.

If you don’t know what I’m taking about… What is Airbnb? 

Airbnb is a platform on which you can rent an apartment, a house, a room or even a boat, for a short period of time. It is mostly designed for vacation rentals. You need to keep in mind that every owner manages their own listing (the presented information and photos) not Airbnb. The Airbnb website facilitates and secures the process of renting an apartment from the owner.

How to use Airbnb + my tipps

First things first, choose where you want to go. Type in the location where you are looking for a rental apartment/house and the number of people who you are renting for.

Use the filters

The filters are very useful, you can select whether you want to rent an entire apartment/house or just a room (most commonly with a shared bathroom and kitchen). If you are looking for a home just for yourself, select the desired tab. Also, you can select the price range which best fits your needs.

Use the map and check for public transport

Most of the time it is very useful to have an apartment close to the city center. On the right hand side you’ll have a map so pay attention to that too. If you click and drag on the map, new listing will appear in the given area. If downtown seems too pricey you just have to move the map a little bit outside of town. This way you can decide whether you want to pay some extra money for a central location or not. A very important step (in my opinion) is to check for nearby metro or bus stations. You shouldn’t always blindly believe the description of the apartment’s location. Most of the time, owners will write things such as “only meters away from the metro station” or “metro and bus station in walking distance”. This can mean anything, really… So go ahead and check on Google Maps if there is public transport in the area. (You usually get the exact address only after booking a place but you can still search for public transport in its area.)

Do your research

I guess I don’t need to tell you to read the description carefully. There might be some information which is not presented, like whether there is a private bathroom or not. You can always message the owner directly and ask for extra information. But you must always, always read the comments and reviews carefully. Also, give new places a chance. If there are no reviews on the house you are checking out, just send the owner a private message. This way you can get in touch with them and I am sure they’d be willing to provide some more information or photos, if they are taking their business seriously. They might just be new on Airbnb.

Know your rights

This is a no-brainer but I thought I might need to mention it. You are only protected for payments made on the Airbnb website. Do not accept other methods of payments. Know your rights, read the safety terms on their website. If you arrive at the rental apartment and find out that it has been misrepresented in the listing, you just need to call Airbnb and they will move you to a similar listing or maybe even give you a refund.

I hope my tips helped and that you’ll have wonderful experiences with Airbnb from now on.


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