DIY Urban Outfitters inspired T-Shirts

As the spring flourishes, so does my inspiration and my desire to create more content for my blog and Youtube channel. This time around, I created 3 Urban Outfitters inspired tops. I really wanted to show you how easy it is to create some trendy graphic Tee designs that see everywhere. Some of the best things are home-made, as they say. So get your plain white T-shirts ready for some DIY action!

Watch the video below for full instructions:



1. The boobilicous T-Shirts

Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of T-shirts with strategically placed (if you know what I mean) hearts, peaches, lemons or cactuses. Every Instagram celebrity has one. I really loved the one Kenza was wearing in one of her posts so I’ve decided to recreate it. I think it turned out great, didn’t it?

2. The graphic Tee + Scarf


I don’t think graphic tees will ever really go out of style. While there are ones with pretty silly quotes on them, I would suggest going for something classier than “I love fries”. Don’t get me wrong, I do love fries but I don’t ever feel like putting that on my T-shirt. And what could be classier than “Oui”. But feel free to write whatever you want on your T-Shirts. With this simple method you can really go crazy and make as many as you want. All you need is a fabric marker and an iron.

3. The Tie Front Crop Top

I was browsing around Urban Outfitters and I stumbled upon this type of crop top. While I appreciate good quality clothing and fabrics, I was pretty shocked when I saw the price, considering the small amount of fabric needed to create this crop top. Nevertheless, I loved the designs and decided to recreate it. It’s really easy to make and super cute for a summer vacation.

This is how to fold the fabric for the top if it wasn’t clear in the video:

diy crop top

Items used:

Double sided Interfacing fabric (similar):
Fabric Marker (similar):
My sewing machine:
Fabric scissors:

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