Milan Travel Diaries – 3 Days, 2 Girls, 1 City

My mini vacation in Milan was a very spontaneous one. I had just found out about my friend’s Italy Road Trip and as I saw how affordable the flights to Milan were (60 lei) I just knew I had to buy a ticket and go see Oly for a few days.

Milan Travel Diaries, Milan Vlog

Usually I like writing Travel Guides after visiting a city but I feel like this vacation was too short (3 days) to be able to give advice on it. I will tell you instead about how we spent those 3 days in Milan, what we did and what we saw. The main purpose of this vacation was to spend quality time with my friend, so I haven’t made any plans regarding the tourist attractions as I usually do. We just wanted to stroll around the city, stop whenever we saw something interesting and visit the Dome Cathedral and the Gallery.

The flight from Cluj to Milan was late in the evening so we ended up just chatting like two old ladies on our balcony all night instead of going out and exploring the city.

Day 1:

Although we had a car, we decided to take the tram and metro when visiting the city. On our first day we went directly to the dome, like every other tourist. After waiting a few long minutes at the ticket office, we decided to buy tickets to visit the church, the archaeological area, the museum (which is closed on Wednesday btw) and the terrace, which is basically the rooftop of the dome. The stairs leading up to the terrace were a bit claustrophobia-inducing but the view is worth it. We ate the best gelato in Navigli, which is a very nice area full of bars and terraces.

The gelato shop is called Rivareno.

gelato in milan, milan travel diaries

Day 2:

The next day we hopped into our car and went on a road trip to Lake Como. It’s a beautiful area with narrow streets and cute houses with private beaches. There are a few public beaches. It took us a pretty long time until we found a nice big one. We went to San Giovanni Beach in Bellagio, a cute pebbly beach. The area is worth visiting even if you don’t want to take a swim. It’s just breathtaking. We haven’t visited George Clooney, maybe next time.

lake como

Day 3:

We spent our last day in Milan shopping. Let’s be honest, you can’t go to Milan and not shop at all. It was sales season too! And guess what we bought in the middle of July? Boots. Ones which I wore on the flight back home because no matter how “talented” I am at packing, I just can’t fit a pair of boots in my backpack. We also spent our time (and money) in Lush. I had my flight in the evening and I almost ended up staying longer in Milan because of a traffic jam.
If you’d like to see a short video summary of our vacation just click the video below.

The vlog:

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