What to pack for a trip to Iceland – Travel essentials

Icelandic weather can be pretty unpredictable but if you are doing the classic tourist activities there are some things you should definitely pack for your next Iceland adventure.

packing for iceland winter travel essentials

Iceland can be wonderful all year around but if you are going to Iceland for the Northern Lights, it’s best to travel from September to March/April. I would avoid december to februar because of the lack of sunshine (2 hours/day and temperatures can get as low as – 30°C). June and July are the months of the midnight sun so expect not much sleep. Your body needs time to adjusts to the constant Arctic light. And keep in mind, it’s windy in Iceland. It’s not always cold but it is windy.

  • Warm winter jacket: A heavy coat is crucial for the icelandic weather. It’s probably better if you have a waterproof one, but if not just check no.2 on the list.
  • Raincoat (big size) – Don’t forget to bring a raincoat (even a platsic one – the kind you take with you to music festivals) to throw over your jacket when visiting the waterfalls or in case it starts raining. Make sure you bring a bigger size so it fits over your jacket.
  • Waterproof hiking shoes – These are important especially for the waterfall visits because you can get pretty soaked. There’s nothing worse than having wet feet.
  • Knit cap, gloves and  a warm scarf – As I have already mentioned, it’s the wind that makes Iceland feel so cold. So make sure to protect your head and neck.
  • Layers – Layers are the key to staying warm in Iceland. Bring lots of  basic long sleeves, thermal top & pants, leggings and warm socks.
  • Swimsuit – Iceland has the most beautiful hot spring baths that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.
  • Sunglasses: May come in handy in case the sun decides to shine, consequently making the white snow blinding.
  • Umbrella: It’s always good to have an umbrella in the car. If you are just quickly stopping to get food or buy something, an umbrella is useful for the way from the car to the location.

What to pack for iceland

Extra Tip:

Buy a universal waterproof phone case if you want to be able to use your phone at the Blue Lagoon or while visiting the waterfalls.

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