How to fit everything in a carry-on – 4 Easy Tips For Packing Like A Pro

packing hacks

I love to travel and I try to do it as often as possible. Even if it’s just a weekend city break or a 7 day vacation in a different country, I often pack everything in a carry-on. There’s nothing easier and cheaper than travelling light. To learn more about how to travel on a budget click here.

Today I’m packing for a 7 day spring break vacation in Lisbon and I’m going to show you exactly how I do it .

plan your outfits

It sounds silly but this is one of my favorite packing hacks. I always take my time before travelling to plan my outfits and try them on. I usually lay my clothes down on the floor, from pants to accessories. Then I take photos of all the 7 outfits + 1 extra (ok, maybe 2) and I create an album on my phone dedicated to my outfits. This way I won’t find myself not knowing what to wear because nothing goes together or spending too much time in the morning choosing my outfits. This hack is a lifesaver – afterall,  you are on vacation and this hack makes life so much easier. The special folder on my phone helps me plan my outfits in the morning even before getting out of bed. Creating a special folder for your outfit pics means that your vacation photos won’t get messed up with you outfit photos.

I also make sure to choose a jacket that matches all of my outfits ( it’s usually a leather jacket). My travel outfit is usually the chunkiest one and I pair it with sneakers. I also pack another pair of shoes (sandals, flip flops) and the usual: pyjamas, swimsuit, etc.

tips for packing like a pro

how to roll your clothes

I find that rolling my clothes takes up less space in my suitcase than folding them like you do for your wardrobe. If you roll/fold them to the height of your suitcase you may be able to see everything you packed and not have to take everything out if you are looking for a specific clothing item. You can basically live out of your suitcase and be organized if you pack correctly. I usually try to place my clothes on one side of the suitcase and I use the other one for gadgets and makeup/skincare.

use pouches for packing

Laundry bags and pouches (makeup bags) are very useful to keep your suitcase organized. I use them for underwear, swimsuits, accessories and even chargers or small gadgets. Another good use for them is that you can wash your clothes (if needed) in your own laudry bag. If you are going away with friends and don’t want your underwear to get mixed up with theirs, you cand wash yours directly in your personal laundry bag.

packing hacks

organize for packing

That’s an obvious one, but I suggest you place your gadgets, liquids, snacks, passport and money on top of your suitcase or in a separate compartment so you can have easy access when you get through security. My suitcase has only one compartment so I usually take my kindle out after security and place my passport and some money in my kindle case. This way I won’t need to open my suitcase until arrival.

I hope this blog post was helpful and that you’ve learned some new packing hacks.




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