DIY Off the shoulder Top or Dress from men’s shirt

This is one of the easiest DIYs I’ve ever tried. It’s easy, quick and the finished product looks like as if I bought it from a fancy store. I’ll show you how simple it is to turn your boyfriend’s (or dad’s #foreveralone) shirt into a cute off the shoulder dress or shirt for yourself! So let’s get started

Off shoulder top men's shirtYou’ll need:

  • Men’s shirt

  • Thin elastic

  • Measuring tape

  • PinsScissors

  • Sewing machine (optional)

  • Long ruler

1.     Lay the shirt on a flat surface.  Draw a line across the front of the shirt from one shoulder to the other using a long ruler. Cut off the top of the shirt ( about 10 cm), right underneath the beginning of the sleeve.

Off shoulder top men's shirt

Off shoulder top men's shirt

2.     Measure across your upper chest, right where the elastic would go. Cut the same length out of elastic band.


3.     Fold the top of the shirt inwards (twice if your shirt is long enough) and pin it.

DIY Off shoulder top men's shirt 4. Sew along the bottom of your folded section. I recommend a zig-zag stitch if you folded it only once and a straight stitch if you did it twice.  If you don’t mind that the material frays, you can make a straight stitch instead. Leave a gap about 3 cm which you will use to insert the elastic.



Off shoulder top men's shirt Tutorial DIY

5.   Use a safety pin to insert the elastic all the way trough until it appears on the other side.

6.     Sew the elastic together.


7.     Close the gap you created earlier by using a straight stitch .

8.     Now fold the sleeves. You can also cut them if they feel too thick.

And Voilà – Your shirt is ready!

If you haven’t seen my latest Tutorial (+Video) on how to make an off the shoulder top, check it out here.


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