DIY Off The Shoulder Top – Sewing Tutorial + VIDEO

This is the second time I’ve made this kind of off shoulder top and it’s super easy. If you have beginner sewing machine skills or decent handsewing skills, I’m sure you can pull this off.  The best part about this kind of top is that you can raise your arms up without the top moving upwards – yay. It’s very comfortable, flowy and super-cute. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer days we are all looking forward to.

measuring for diy off shoulder top


Measure across your upper chest, just where the elastic would go (a). Also measure your upper arm circumference (b).

how to take measurments for off shoulder top

Next you’ll need to cut the fabric in 3 rectangles – one for the top, two for the sleeves. The rectangle for the top should be double the width of your chest measurement. The width of the rectangles for the sleeves should be your upper arm circumference + 15 cm. I left the length of the fabric 50 cm. You can shorten it later, after you try it on. I don’t like very puffy sleeves but you can add more fabric if you want to. Now you can also figure out how much fabric you need to buy. I only used 1m x 1,6m (a=78, b=24)

off shoulder top instructions
make your own off shoulder top

Fold the fabric rectangles in half, pin and sew to create three circular pieces.



how to hem, diy off shoulder top

Now you’ll need to create a “tunnel” to insert the elastic through. Fold the top of the fabric inwards twice. Use the iron to set the fold and pin to place.


insert elastic, off shoulder top

Sew along the pins leaving about this much (see picture) open so you can insert the elastic.



diy off shoulder top with elastic


Cut 3 pieces of elastic – one the size of your chest measurement and two the size of your upper arm circumference. Use a saftey pin to help insert the elastic into the fabric tunnel you made earlier. Thread it all the way through until the elastic comes out on the other side.




sew off shoulder top

Sew the elastic together and close the gap you created by straight stitching along the original line.



 off shoulder top, owlipop blog


This is how your sleeve should look like. I did hem it but I don’t recommend you do it at this point. I ended up shortening it after trying it on. Repeat the process with the other two fabric pieces (top and other sleeve).

how to make a sleeve for off shoulder top

After you’ve added the elastic onto all 3 pieces you need to try them on and decide how long you want the sleeves and the top to be. I cut about 10 cm off the sleeves. I wanted the top shorter in the front and longer in the back, so I left it 50 cm in the back and hand cut a semicircle in the front. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect. The gathered fabric will make it unnoticeable.

diy sewing top

Now hem the bottom of your garment by folding the fabric twice inwards like you did for the “elastic tunnel”. Sew it all around with a straight stitch.


 off shoulder top

To connect the sleeves to the
top, stitch 1-2 cm below the elastic band in a straight line going parallel to it.




diy off shoulder top, do it yourself off shoulder top, make your own off shoulder top

DIY off shoulder top

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  1. Annie
    August 21, 2019 / 11:31 pm

    I love your tutorials!
    So easy to follow,
    Going to make your wrap skirt tomorrow!