How to make a Lettuce Hem Crop Top | Video Tutorial

In today’s DIY sewing tutorial I will show you how easy it is to make a lettuce hem! I will give you the exact machine settings you’ll need to use and explain exactly how to create this ruffled hemline. Watch the video to see how you can turn a long sleeved ribbed T-Shirt into an off the shoulder lettuce hem crop top.

Instructions – DIY Lettuce Hem Crop Top

I recommend using a ribbed T-shirt of whatever thickness you prefer, because we need it to be elastic.

The first step is to cut the upper part of the T-shirt. I drew a straight line from one shoulder to the other using a piece of chalk and a ruler. Since I wanted the sleeves to be curly as well, I cut their hems too. Stretch the fabric a little then fold the upper margin about 0,5 cm inwards and pin it in place all around.

Sewing machine settings

Moving on to the sewing part. Set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch with the stitch length of 0.6mm and a 7.0mm width. These are the settings that I used. It’s very important during the sewing, that you lightly pull the fabric in order to stretch it as much as possible. Before sewing your T-shirt, you should test your settings on a piece of scrap fabric. You ca use the top of the t shirt you previously cut off.

In order to make perfect ruffles, it would be ideal to make the zig zag stitch right on the edge of the fabric. Since your fabric could differ from mine, you might need to make adjustments to the settings. However, it is very important that the zig zag stitch is dense and that you  don’t forget to pull the fabric while sewing.

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