How to turn your T-Shirt into an off the shoulder crop top

If you’re in the mood to make something fun for yourself to wear, I’ve got something for you. Did you know that you can turn any regular T-Shirt into an off the shoulder crop top?

Watch the Video below for detailed instructions.

You only need scissors, a T-Shirt obviously, a ruler and something you can draw on your fabric with, like a piece of chalk or a pencil.  You can make the top as cropped as you’d prefer but keep in mind that if you don’t hem it, it will roll up a little bit. So just make sure you cut it a little bit longer so it has room to curl. You can obviously make a seam along the top part of your crop top and along the sleeves if you prefer. I really like the way it looks curled up so I left it as it is.

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diy t-shirt to crop top

I hope this tutorial gave you some inspiration to restyle some of your unworn T-shirts.

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